Philanthropy Planning

  • Earl Chesson | Philanthropy Planning
Often, our clients who have been successful in business look beyond the wealth they have created and begin to ask themselves “To what end have I created this?  How can I leave a lasting legacy for my family and society?”  Their definition of success becomes less about finances and more about life and leaving behind a better world when they are gone.  They want to maximize the fruits of their legacy.

It is not necessary to possess the wealth of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett to make a significant philanthropic impact. However, it does help to know how to utilize tools used by the ultra-wealthy that take advantage of incentives in the tax code and trust provisions to create large charitable gifts. While somewhat arcane, these incentives are available to everyone and are there to encourage philanthropy for the common good.

We help our clients understand the numerous tools that can maximize their philanthropy while being tailored to their unique needs.  These tools can enable significant charitable gifts while eliminating taxes and protecting family wealth.